12–14 September 2017
Hyatt Regency Orlando, Orlando, Florida


Executive Steering Committee

Ray Lugo, Florida Space Institute (Forum General Chair)
Larry D. James, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Stephen G. Jurczyk,NASA Headquarters
Shana Dale, Federal Aviation Administration
Hiroyuki Iwamoto, Japan Aerospace and Space Agency
Clayton Turner, NASA Langley Research Center
Stephen Frick, Lockheed Martin
Jim Armor, ATK Space Systems
Clint Plaisted, a.i. solutions (Technical Program Chair)
Ryan L. Kobrick, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Forum 360 Chair)

Technical Discipline Chairs

Human Habitation and Development of Space
Matthew Simon, NASA Langley Research Center
Anita Gale, Aerospace Education Competitions
Michael Snyder, Made in Space
Sam Wald, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Information Systems and Software
Sean Swei, NASA Ames Research Center
Thomas Lombaerts, NASA Ames Research Center

Randy Kendall, The Aerospace Corporation 

National Security Space
Joseph Betser, The Aerospace Corporation
Roberta Ewart, Space and Missile Command

Reinventing Space
Anthony Shao, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Russell Joyner, Aerojet Rocketdyne
James R. Wertz, Microcosm, Inc.

Small Satellites and Green Engineering
Jeremy Straub, North Dakota State University

Space and Earth Science
Virendra Sarohia, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Space Exploration
Chris Moore, NASA
Surendra P. Sharma, NASA Ames Research Center

Space History, Society & Policy
Scott West, NASA Johnson Space Center
R. Steven Justice, Georgia Centers of Innovation

Space Logistics & Supportability
Kandyce Goodliff, NASA Langley Research Center

Space Operations
Shirley Tseng, Tseng LLC
John Hughes, General Dynamics Corporation
Scott Burleigh, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Space Robotics and Automation
Steven E. Fredrickson, NASA Johnson Space Center
Ou Ma, New Mexico State University

Space Systems
William Tomek, NASA Langley Research Center
Erica Rodgers, NASA Langley Research Center

Space Systems Engineering and Space Economics
Sherry Stukes, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Michelle Bailey, University of Maryland University College
Daniel Nigg, The Aerospace Corporation

Space Transportation and Launch Systems
Brian Pomeroy, Sierra Nevada Corporation
Steve Bauer, NASA Langley Research Center
Dave Masten, Masten Space Systems

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