12–14 September 2017
Hyatt Regency Orlando, Orlando, Florida


Recognition events for the 2017 AIAA SPACE Forum will be available soon. Details about the recognition events that happened at the 2016 AIAA SPACE Forum are below.

von Kármán Lecture

Tuesday, 13 September, 1830 – 1930 hrs, Hyatt Regency Long Beach  

Honoring Theodore von Kármán, world famous authority on aerospace sciences, the von Kàrmàn Lectureship in Astronautics recognizes an individual who has performed notably and distinguished himself technically in the field of astronautics. The lecture is open to all attendees and the general public.

Rethinking Space Propulsion: Enabling the Future of Space Transportation and Exploration

Yang, Vigor
Vigor Yang

William R. T. Oakes Professor and Chair
School of Aerospace Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

William H. Pickering Lecture

Wednesday, 14 September, 1830-1930 hrs, Hyatt Regency Long Beach  

The William H. Pickering Lecture is named for the former NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Director to honor his initiation and leadership of America’s unmanned scientific space program, from Explorer I in 1958 through the development of the Viking orbiters and Voyager outer planet and interstellar missions. The lecture is open to all attendees and the general public.

The Juno Mission

Rick Nybakken
    Scott Bolton cropped
Rick Nybakken   Scott Bolton
Project Manager
Juno Mission
  Juno Principal Investigator
Southwest Research Institute

After a journey of more than 1.7 billion miles that took five years to complete,  Juno is now in orbit around Jupiter. What will we learn over the next few months? Find out at AIAA SPACE 2016! Hear from the Juno team in this video.

Recognition Luncheon—Celebrating Achievements in Space and Astronautics

Thursday, 15 September, 1230–1400 hrs, Hyatt Regency Long Beach

A ticket for the luncheon is required and included in the registration fee where indicated. Additional tickets for guests may be purchased on site, as space is available. 

George M. Low Space Transportation Award
Blue Origin New Shepard Team
Kent, Washington
Award to be accepted by Jeff Bezos, Founder
For the first successful flight to space, return to Earth for a vertical landing, and successful re-use in flight to space with vertical landing return.

Haley Space Flight Award
James S. Voss
Scholar In Residence
Aerospace Engineering Sciences Department
University of Colorado-Boulder
Boulder, Colorado
For outstanding contributions to human space flight through distinguished performance on five spaceflights, Space Station assembly, leadership in spacecraft design, and dedication to space education.

Space Science Award
Gravity Probe B Team
Stanford, California
Award to be accepted by C. W. Francis Everitt, Principal Investigator
For performing with NASA support two revolutionary new tests of Einstein’s theory of gravity, general relativity, with cryogenic gyroscopes in Earth orbit.

Space Systems Award
Cygnus Program
Orbital ATK Space Systems Group
Dulles, Virginia
Award Accepted By Frank DeMauro, Vice President and General Manager of the Advanced Programs Division
For innovations and service to the global space community for delivering commercial cargo to the International Space Station.

Von Braun Award for Excellence in Space Program Management
Todd A May
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, Alabama
For meritorious performance in managing the development of America’s future launch system to send human and scientific exploratory missions to deep space objectives including Mars.

Certificate of Merit:
AAS/AIAA Astrodynamics Specialist Best Paper
AAS 15-748, "Analytical Assessment Of Drag-Modulation Trajectory Control For Planetary Entry," Zachary Putnam, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Robert Braun, Georgia Institute of Technology.

AIAA Space Architecture Best Paper
ICES-2015-56, “What Do We Give Up and Leave Behind?” Marc Cohen, Astrotecture and Sandra Haeuplik-Meusburger, TU-Vienna, Institute for Architecture and Design.

AIAA/NAE Yvonne C. Brill Lecture in Aerospace Engineering

Thursday, 15 September, 1830-1930 hrs, Hyatt Regency Long Beach

Named in honor of pioneering rocket scientist Yvonne C. Brill, this biennial even year Lectureship emphasizes significant contributions in aerospace research and/or engineering. The lecture is open to attendees and the general public.

Engineering Leadership: The Need for Technical Excellence and Diversity

Wanda Austin

Wanda M. Austin
President & CEO
The Aerospace Corporation

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