17–19 September 2018
Hyatt Regency Orlando, Orlando, Florida

Courses and Workshops

Space Program

Hypersonic Air Breathing Propulsion: A Technical Primer

16 September 2018, 0800-1700 hrs

This course will provide the essential foundation for anyone interested in the growing field of hypersonic air-breathing propulsion (HAP), a course with a strong focus on the practical research and development (R&D) of enabling technologies. Whether you are new to the field or are already familiar with aerospace propulsion, in this course you will get concentrated insights into HAP systems, including how ram/scramjet engines can combine with other propulsion cycles. It will give you a technical overview of key concepts applicable to propulsion configurations proposed for both cruise and transatmospheric vehicles. More Details.

Space Standards and Architectures Course

16 September 2018, 0800-1700 hrs
This course is intended for individuals and organizations that desire to increase their teams’ understanding of the benefits of and the usability of (1) Space Standards and (2) Architecture Framework. More Details.

Integrating Program Management and Systems Engineering

15-16 September 2018, 0800-1700 hrs
As Systems Engineering and Program Management have evolved since World War II, missions have to be achieved within the constraints of cost, schedule and expected performance.   Systems engineering is attempting to describe and define the optimal solution while the program management is attempting to determine the necessary work components and develop the plan.  Both are keys to the success of a program.  Bringing these two disciplines together with a common success measure requires the integration of functions within programs.  Taking this course will learn how to apply systems engineering processes, tools, methods and techniques on program management’s organizing and staffing, planning, performance measurement, decision, and cost control on how to execute an accurate Earned Value Management System (EVMS). More Details.


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