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Blue Origin Ready To Support NASA Lunar Missions

7 April 2017
Space News reports that Blue Origin President Robert Meyerson said Wednesday that the company stands ready to support NASA lunar missions with its proposed “Blue Moon” lunar lander system. Speaking at the 33rd Space Symposium, Meyerson – offering his first public comments on Blue Moon since its existence was revealed last month – said that the system can “cost effectively soft-land large amounts of mass onto the lunar surface,” and would function as part of a “space transfer and lunar lander architecture, leveraging Blue and NASA technologies.” The company would be willing to partner with the agency on development, with Meyerson explaining, “New Glenn and Blue Origin and Blue Moon compl[e]ment [the Space Launch System] SLS and Orion, enabling NASA’s return to the moon, and this time to stay.” (Image Credit: Blue Origin)
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