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Aerospace Corp. CEO: US Is Unprepared For Coming “Space War”

9 April 2018
Politico reported that Steve Isakowitz, the CEO of government-funded think tank The Aerospace Corp., is warning that “war is coming to outer space, and the Pentagon...is not yet ready, following years of underinvesting while the military focused on a host of threats on Earth.” In an interview, Isakowitz said that the US is “approaching a point where ‘Star Wars’ is not just a movie.” He added that the US “supremacy in space has enabled us to have the world’s greatest war-fighting capability...whether it is our soldiers on the field, our drones that fly overhead, our bombers that travel around the world, intelligence we collect.” In a “sign of the new urgency,” President Donald Trump recently called for “establishing a ‘space force’ – a separate military branch responsible for ensuring American supremacy in space, a role now primarily played by the Air Force.” (Image Credit: USAF)
More Info (Politico)

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