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International Space Station Completes Milestone 100,000th Orbit of Earth

17 May 2016
The AP reports that following 17 ½ years in orbit, the International Space Station (ISS) circled the Earth for a milestone-setting 100,000th time on Monday morning. According to the article, NASA “said these 100,000 orbits are akin to traveling more than 2.6 billion miles.” The article notes that each orbit around the Earth takes the ISS 90 minutes, adding that it completes 16 orbits per day. In a celebratory video from space, NASA astronaut Jeffrey Williams, said, “One-hundred-thousand orbits, the journey continues.”  NPR adds that Williams also said that the milestone mark was a “tribute to international partnership made up of the European Space Agency, Russia, Canada, Japan and the United States.” (Image Credit: NASA)
More Info (Associated Press)
More Info (NPR)

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