17–19 September 2018
Hyatt Regency Orlando, Orlando, Florida

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AIAA SPACE Forum combines the best aspects of technical conferences with insights from respected leaders providing a single, integrated forum for navigating the key challenges and opportunities affecting the future direction of global space policy, capabilities, planning, research and development.

Your return on investment will be high. The multiple opportunities you have to advance your career personally by learning, to advance your career professionally by networking…is worth the price of admission.

—Lt. Gen Larry D. James, USAF (Ret.), NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Game Changers

Make connections with the individuals who drive change in space policy, research and development, funding, and manufacturing.  

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You will exchange the most original perspectives, stimulating research developments, and innovative solutions. You’ll find out what lies ahead and get introduced to emerging technologies that are affecting aerospace.

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Develop Skills

You’ll increase your influence and develop skills when you present your research, take a continuing education course or workshop, or participate in the student and young professional programs at 2018 AIAA SPACE.

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Network, Network, Network

More than 80% of participants who responded to our 2016 AIAA SPACE satisfaction survey said that they'd met someone new, and almost 20% said that they established a personal contact with prospective employers.

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