17–19 September 2018
Hyatt Regency Orlando, Orlando, Florida

SPACE 2015 Archive

Setting a Course for the Future

Industry, academia, and government leaders shared their perspectives on the new challenges, future opportunities, and emerging trends in the global space industry. In addition to the indepth technical program that contained more than 350 technical presentations from 21 countries, AIAA SPACE featured plenary sessions and Forum 360 panels on topics:

  • Executive Vision Discussion
  • The Business of Space—How is the space business evolving to meet future needs?
  • Pioneering Space
  • Future Explorations: Our Solar System’s Origins, Water, and Life
  • Banner Year for Solar System Exploration
  • On-Orbit Servicing Horizons
  • Space Policy for Rising Aerospace Leaders
  • Commercial Crew's Path to Flight
  • Flagship Astronomy Missions Beyond WFIRST
  • ISS-The Orbital Laboratory
  • Current Launch Vehicle Update
  • Earth Science and Remote Sensing
  • Pushing the Envelope: Balancing Innovation and Risk
  • Implementing Cyber Defense
  • Turning ΔV Into $ (Commercial Space Ops)
  • Interactive NIAC and Emerging Technology Exchange
  • Mars 2030


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